English is cuh-ray-zee!

English is cuh-ray-zee!
By Pete Seeger

There's no egg in eggplant,
no pine or apple in pineapple.
Quicksand works slowly;
boxing rings are square.
A writer writes, but do fingers fing?
Hammers don't ham,
grocers don't groce.
English is cuh-ray-zee!

If the plural of tooth is teeth,
shouldn't the plural of
booth be beeth?
It's one goose, two geese.
Why not one moose,
two meese?
The plural of index is indices;
should it be one Kleenex, two Kleenices?
English is cuh-ray-zee!

You can make amends,
but not just one amend.
If you have a bunch of odds and ends
and get rid of all but one,
is it an odd or an end?
If the teacher taught, why isn't it true that
a preacher praught?
And if a vegetarian eats vegetables,
what does a humanitarian eat?
English is cuh-ray-zee!

Why is it that night falls but never
breaks and
day breaks but never falls?
In what other language do people
drive on the parkway
and park on the driveway?
Ship by truck but send
cargo by ship?
Recite at a play but play
at a recital?
Have noses that run and
feet that smell?
English is cuh-ray-zee!

How can a slim chance and a fat
chance be the same
When a wise man and a wise guy
are very different?
To overlook something
and to oversee
something are very different,
But quite a lot and quite
a few are the same.
How can the weather be hot
as hell one day
and cold as hell the next?
English is cuh-ray-zee!

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hazeleyed said...

Nice blog you have here...

Pn Kartini said...

Thanks..harap sudi2lah singgah lagi yaa..:):)

Abd Razak said...


Look at your eyes...
Staring at me...

Pn Kartini said...

mauk senyum jakk..:):)


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